Chicken With Nunchucks Slot Machine Overview

What exactly is a Googlewhack? If not, it’s when you type in two different terms into Google and only get one result back. ‘Demurrable insufficiencies’ and’maladroit wheezer’ are two such examples. The two-word title of Nunchucks Chicken screamed out for a Googlewhack the moment it came on the review desk. In contrast, a search for “Nunchucks Chicken” returned many pages of results, including photographs of real nunchucks designed to resemble chickens.

Skywind Group’s Nunchucks Chicken might be just up your alley if the idea of chicken-shaped weaponry is amusing to you. With this online slot, the rules are thrown out the window, as farm animals now wear headbands and are armed with nunchucks, shurikens, and explosives. Let’s do ‘Witness the Power of Cluck-Fu’ if you’re up for it. Set in a rural area, Nunchucks Chicken may at first look like a combination between Angry Birds and The Big Bad Wolf. The trees, pumpkins, and haystacks all have the carefree, endearing quality of cartoons. Feel-good illustrations of chickens with nunchucks encourage more than one spin to see where the absurdity of it all ends up.

Put joking aside; we need to get down to business and examine the figures. The return to player (RTP) should be checked first since although it is set at a respectable 96.5% by default, it may be found at either 94.50% or 89.50% on the market. The official classification of volatility is always “high.” The stakes for taking on these martial artists vary from 25 p/c to £/€250, and any gadget will do. You may increase your chances of winning the feature by 20% if you make the Ante Bet.

A 5×5 panel with 25 paylines is crammed within a wooden barn that’s overflowing with animals. Nine regular-paying symbols fall over it, beginning with wood-themed 10s and A royals. For example, a line of five low-value symbols pays out between 1.2 and 2 times the wager, whereas a line of five high-value animal symbols pays out between 4 and 10 times the wager. On all five reels, the Wild nunchucks tile can replace any other tile. Five nunchucks in a row are worth 40 times the wager, and they can replace any symbol on the reels except the scatter.

Chicken With Nunchucks: The Slot’s Extras

We now know the significance of the nunchucks; the scatter symbol’s chicken provides the missing piece. The Ninja Respins feature is activated when there are two scatters in view; the Shuriken Showdown feature is activated when there are three scatters in view.

Reverse-Flipping Like a Ninja

The initial multiplier for the respin can be any value from 2x to 50x. If the reels do not produce a winning combination during the respin, the multiplier will rise by 1. Each time the reels spin, the multiplier increases, and the chance of a win grows.

Battle of the Shuriken

Shuriken Showdown is activated by getting three scatters in the main game, and it’s played on a 6×6 grid where regular symbols don’t appear. Unique symbols replace them. Foxes, chickens, crates, or numbers are what you have here.

Crates are essentially useless space eaters that serve no use other than to obstruct movement. Foxes are equipped with explosives, and numbers are recorded in a meter placed above the grid. When a fox enters the scene, the bomb it is carrying detonates, clearing the area of any stacks of boxes.

There are two possible behaviors for a chicken. When a chicken lands with nunchucks, it will first smash any nearby boxes. Then, add up all the digits around the hen and drop that many into the slot below. The final step is for the chickens to use their nunchucks to add a value between +3 and +100 to the amount they just set. When chickens with shurikens land, the same process happens, only the accumulated value is multiplied by a factor of two to one hundred.

Now, on every spin, a new column of symbols is introduced at random. When containers are smashed, the symbols in the rows above them cascade down to fill the voids. No specific amount of bonus turns will be awarded. When no more symbols can be placed on the top row, Tetris-style, the feature will cease. Then, the amount wagered is increased by the multiplier’s factor.

Not in the mood for an unplanned Shuriken Showdown? You can also choose to pay 100 times the amount of your wager in order to receive the bonus immediately if this is an option in your country.

Chicken with Nunchucks: A Gambling Decision

Is it just us, or does it seem like Skywind Group has been trying new, more innovative things as of late? They had hundreds of slot machines, but it wasn’t until they started playing around with Megaways that they caught our attention. Now that they’ve here, it’s refreshing to see them breaking the mold. The first film to do this was Alive! They finally made a radical departure with Megaways, ditching the Asian, Buffalo, and Fruit slot hybrids they’d been producing for a while. Skywind have shown more of their humorous side with Nunchucks Chickens, which is equally as eccentric as their B-movie extravaganza Frankenstein’s Monster.

So Nunchucks Chicken looks the part, but how’s the action? Actually, it’s a very cool bonus game, containing components from both traditional and online slot machines. What really makes Shuriken Free Spins stand out, though, is not just the Tetris-like dimension but also the 2048-style gameplay. Chickens’ ability to add one number to another, or even better, to multiply, can result in quantities that expand exponentially. The screen might be filled with empty boxes and numbers one second and a pair of chickens laying an acceptable outcome the next. Wins of up to 10,000 times the initial wager are possible amidst the chaos of ninjas, nunchucks, explosives, and shurikens.

Slots featuring charming, anthropomorphic animals are plenty of weird games, and Nunchucks Chickens is no exception. Moreover, Nunchucks Chicken is a successful business because it has endearing and lovable animals and a novel bonus round that may capitalize on repeat business to generate respectable profits.

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