A Look at the Power Lines for the Rainbow Jackpots

Red Tiger, a developer under NetEnt’s ownership, has dug into their back catalog and remade the significantly older slot Rainbow Jackpots. It’s not ancient, at least. Slots fans who enjoy their games light, green, and drenched with Guinness rejoiced at the 2016 release of the original. The Irish-themed game is back, this time with a completely new set of gameplay principles but with most of the same features and statistics as before. Power Lines is a new system that, like their previous work with the Power Reels mechanism, causes the grid to change with each spin. That’s an interesting twist, but if only the rest of the game had been as innovative.

Fans of the first Rainbow Jackpots will instantly feel at home with the new version. The grid is framed by a similarly carved structure, and the same pipe-smoking leprechaun occasionally makes an appearance to tweak the spins. The background is filled with the green hills of Ireland, and a happy tune plays in the background. It’s cozy and comfortable, although not really novel. Players can begin by selecting a wager anywhere from 10 p/c to $100/€100 each spin. Low-stakes players of the original will appreciate the lower minimum wager. The RTP has also decreased, by about half a percentage point to 95.68 percent. Potential has sort of stayed the same, hit rate has gone up to 3/5, and volatility hasn’t changed from 4/5.

While the setting has grown, the fundamentals remain the same. To win, you need to get at least three of a kind on an active payline. With six reels at your disposal, greater combinations are possible than ever before, and the fact that each reel may have anywhere from two to seven rows ensures that things never get boring. The grid is always different, however it can include anywhere from 2 to 7 rows, giving you anything from 4 to 49 possible ways to win.

The paytable symbols all look the same but have different values. A total of 10 – Included are three premiums (a crown, a horseshoe, and a shamrock) and a royals (in a rainbow-hued Celtic typeface). The arrangement may have grown, but the potential is still roughly the same as before. Red Tiger has reduced the value of the symbols to make up for the increased number of rows, reels, and chances to win. Six of a kind of the most precious symbol, the Golden Shamrock, is now worth eight times the original wager, down from twenty-four times the original wager for five of a kind. Wild symbols can replace ordinary pay symbols and pay out 15 times the wager for a combination of six.

Power Lines retains the majority of its original components. The appearance of the friendly leprechaun with his magic pipe seems to set off a number of events at random. These are what we term Lucky Leprechaun characteristics, and they consist of Symbol Swaps and Super Symbol Swaps that are activated at random. By blowing a high-paying symbol onto the reels with his pipe, the leprechaun triggers a Symbol Swap. As a result, more of that specific symbol begins to fall onto the reels, increasing your odds of winning. The only difference with Super Symbol Swap is that instead of standard-sized symbols, super-sized symbols ranging in size from 2×2 to 6×6 are showered upon the board.

The Free Spins feature, like the Symbol Swaps, available in two varieties. When three scatter symbols appear anywhere in view, the first round begins. If 2 scatters appear, the Lucky Leprechaun may blow another scatter onto the reels with his pipe, activating the bonus. During free spins, there is a greater probability of Symbol Swap feature and more free spins being activated.

The second iteration of the bonus game is called Super Free Spins. When a Super Free Spins icon is blown onto the reels by the Lucky Leprechaun, these begin. Super Symbol Swaps and Super Free Spins replace the standard bonus features, while all other rules remain unchanged.

The game’s two features are both inspired by beer, a standard element in slots with an Irish theme. The Beer Bonus is triggered first when three or more Beer Bonus symbols appear anywhere in view on the reels. Like with free spins, if two Beer Bonus symbols appear, the pipe may open up to reveal a third. To use it, pick one of three beer cups to reveal your bet’s multiplier. The second is the Triple Beer Bonus, which is triggered when a Super Beer Bonus icon appears in the pipe. Instead of picking one multiplier at random, all three are added together and given out this time. Free games cannot award either Beer Bonus.

Conclusions for Rainbow-Colored Power-Play Lines

The Power Lines update improves on the original in certain aspects while remaining mostly unchanged in others. The product may have more rows, reels, and ways to win than the original, but it will only appeal to die-hard aficionados of the original. There isn’t really anything new in the Power Lines edition. It doesn’t improve the game in any way that comes close to what Megaways does. Having saying that, if you go back and play the original it does feel a lot more confined and claustrophobic.

The remaining features, with the exception of free spins and Symbol Swaps, are extremely difficult to activate. The tricky issue of potential arises at this stage. The paytable advertises a maximum win possibility of only 1,224 times the bet, which is clearly too low to attract anyone other than those who are willing to play anything that might ‘appear enjoyable. Take, as an intriguing example, a whole grid of shamrocks. That combination was worth 480 times the bet in the original version. The kicker is that only a full 6×6 grid of the Power Lines variation is worth more. The results are diminished for any other grid arrangement. It’s worth bearing in mind if you’re thinking about firing up the remake that a 6×2 grid would be easier to fill.

While the Power Lines addition does spice things up a bit, the remainder of the game’s statistics and awards have remained mostly same, severely diminishing the game’s appeal.

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